I’ve been so in the weed in coding the last few weeks that I wanted to take a break and make a quick windmill scene.  

All assets I used were free (links are in the video description) and I modeled the windmill myself.  

Now I’m back to working on the UI Design! 

Dev Log – Blacksmiths II

I’ve been hammering away at making the blacksmith animations for Faith and Iron.  Still some details to iron out but overall I’m happy with the look and feel.  All puns completely intended 🙂

One of the biggest challenges was figuring out what actors should store what information and how events would be passed between actors.  

An example that gave me some headaches was getting the player bellows pumping animation synced with the bellows handle movement, the forge fire effects, the coal material changes, and the iron material glowing as it heated up.  My first few attempts were a tangled mess that I ended up having to throw out before I figured out an organizational structure that actually worked.  

I created an inheritance structure where actors would only have access to information that was necessary to them and only when they needed it.  I found that with my previous iterations of development I was my own worst enemy, getting confused about what actor was doing what and where events were happening.  Organizing in a strict logical order resulted in a more streamlined event structure that is easy to follow and reproduce.  

In the end (as always) my simplist solution was the best.  

Next steps will be the inventory system and the AI behavior tree.  


Dev Log – Blacksmiths

After the craziness last week of taking part in the Epic Mega Jam, it was nice to get back to work on Faith and Iron.  Here are some screenshots from my work on blacksmiths this weekend!    

All the meshes are made – I just need to finish up the animations

Part of preparing for the AI is making sure the AI behavior tree knows where to go for each step. I created custom move-to points (below) so the AI can know the location and rotation it needs to be it for each station.

Game Jam Submission Completed!

It’s been a quick and sleepless few days but I am extremely happy to have finished Whisps!

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Whisps Screenshots

Two and half more days until the game submissions are due and I have most of the core work done.   Check out the screenshots! Read More

Low Ploy Forest Assets (Free)

I created some low poly assets for Whisps that I am sharing for free.  Head over to my Itch.Io page to down them:


Free Character Creation Workflow

One of my struggles early on was creating realistic characters.  While there are a few free tools available for different parts of the process, it was difficult to find a workflow where all they all played nicely with each other.  Below, I’ll walk you through my process step by step.

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A drop in a bucket

Unlike a lot of people, I actually like my job.  The company I work for has good people, a strong vision, and I enjoy what I do. But like most people, I don’t love my job. That is what brings me here.

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