Faith and Iron

Loonngg term idea that I’ve been working on.


Take part in the Reclamation for the lost continent.  Set claim to your land, build your town and rid the land of the darkness.

Game Concept

The player will start off choosing a small band of NPCs to go and settle a claim as part of the Reclamation.  The player will grow their power base by building a settlement supported by the NPCs.  Their settlement will be used to support quests and adventures for the player with the ultimate goal of cleansing the land of darkness (or becoming the darkness…)


  • RPG – the player will control a single character that will grow and whose choices will shape their own story and world
  • City Building/Sim – the player will manage their settlement and the NPCs that live there
  • Sandbox – minimal storyline and open choices

Target Audience

PC gamers that want to get more out of survival and open world games.  Gamers that don’t necessarily want to join a clan, tribe, or company but still want to build a town – players that want to be the leader of their own people without having to make a huge time commitment.

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